How to Easily Learn a Language and Enjoy your Trip

Would you like to know a little secret?

Language is important.

Pretty obvious, right?

Being American (technically Canadian-American but who’s counting?) I am always surprised by how few of us speak a foreign language. Sure, in California many people speak Spanish, but not nearly as many as you would expect.

One of the things I always tell people is that they should learn at least a few conversational basics when traveling to a foreign country.

Tips for Planning a Successful Trip

Talk to several different travelers about how they plan a trip and you probably won’t hear the same answer twice. Everybody has their own preferences and techniques or they don’t bother planning at all. Both sides have their advantages and both have their disadvantages.

All You Need to Know About Hostels

“You stay in hostels?” people often ask when I talk to them about the way I travel. “Aren’t you afraid of getting robbed or murdered?”

Thanks a lot Eli Roth for scaring the bejeezus out of inexperienced travelers and causing them to think they’re going to get murdered if they stay in a hostel. I personally haven’t bothered watching his films Hostel and Hostel II, but I can assure you that there are very few similarities.

Teaching English Abroad

Traveling is wonderful but unless you have a big bank account before you set out, you probably won’t manage to travel forever.

A great way to make ends meet abroad is by teaching English. It doesn’t matter where you are going, chances are there are schools teaching English to people who want to learn it. You don’t even need a college degree. What you will need is a TEFL or TESOL certificate.